Taping And Photo

Officially Unofficial Jack Johnson Taping Policy


Jack Johnson and management do not discourage the live recording of shows. Our policy will be overridden if taping goes against any venues, promoters, or other artists’ guidelines (e.g festival situations). No soundboard feeds will be provided and no soundboard recordings are for trade (radio recordings are permitted for trade). Microphone stands are not allowed so as to avoid impeding or distracting another audience member from seeing a clear view of the stage or performers. We do not have a designated taper section. All recordings may only be traded or given away. At no point may any person (taper or not) sell recordings.


Non-flash still photography is permitted unless venues, promoters, or other artists’ guidelines override this policy. Using the flash is never allowed.


Video taping is never allowed.

Thank you for respecting the music, fans and venues.